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Red Poll bull for sale
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Yes it's true, after nearly 3 years of our company, Admiral has to go.

We are having to keep him seperated from his own daughters, now that they have reached maturity. Otherwise we would have happily kept him because he has such a lovely quiet character - and a superb animal. He has produced some excellent calves too.

If you are interested in buying a fantastic 4 year old, pedigree Red Poll bull, with an excellent lineage and proven track record, do get in touch; we are happy to supply further information and arrange for you to meet him.


Red Poll bull - Canute Orange Admiral

Red Poll bull Canute Orange Admiral

Basket making course success
We had the pleasure of Martin Hazell's company earlier in June to teach how to make a frame basket to a select group of keen makers. Read more...

It was great day and we all produced something. If you are interested in taking part in something similar, please do contact us.
Martin Hazell demonstrates the important bits of hoop making

Farmers' Markets break

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We had a successful spring selling all sorts of sticks and plant supports to gardeners from Woburn and Harpenden Farmers' markets.

Now summer's here we have decided to concentrate on other things but hope to be back in spring 2013... at Woburn on the third Sunday of each month
 more information and at Harpenden Farmers' Market on the fourth Sunday of each month.
For more information click here

If you would like to order something, for collection at a market, please let us know.

At farmers' markets we currently sell only our willow and hazel products but are happy to discuss and take orders for any other aspect of our business.

Woburn Farmers' market

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