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Ordering from Wassledine
We run a small farm in Upper Gravenhurst, a beautiful village in the middle of Bedfordshire, UK and aim to make a living by producing high quality products in a way that impacts the environment as little as possible.
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Pretty much everything we produce needs to be pre-ordered, which means that it can be made to suit you exactly.

A great deal of our products are sold locally to customers who can pick things up from us here in Gravenhurst, However, we are pleased to post things by Royal Mail where possible and we are now using a courier that can get most products to you wherever you may be.

Royal Mail will deliver smaller parcels up to 1.5m long. We can therefore mail many baskets, short willow bundles and smaller obelisks, etc. and Royal Mail tends to be cheaper than a courier but couriers can be better to get your stuff more quickly and on the day you want it.

Having said that, it can be fairly expensive to move large things around, especially if they are longer than about 2m. However, things are always changing and if you are after something we produce, please contact us - we'll get back to you with a price very quickly.

We can deliver, which can be reasonable value for large orders but less so for a few sticks.

We welcome collection in person by prior arrangement - it's always interesting to meet people and find out what they are up to. Some products are large, or more likely long and the hazel has a very small amount of green algae on it which although completely natural and harmless, can mark pristine car seats.

Please contact us to find out if what you want can be delivered.

willow dome

hazel pea sticks from Wassledine

willow ball


Cut during the winter months and stored if unsold. Can be ordered anytime. Dry willow may be available throughout the year. Fresh willow is available from December through April.

We welcome a pre-arranged visit if you want to see the willow before you make a decision. If you'd to see the full beauty of the colours you need to come in November or December.
wassledine willow
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Like the willow, we cut hazel during the winter months, which makes sticks and products available from early spring. Contact us any time though as we quite often have hazel in stock throughout the year.
hazel bean poles

Willow and hazel products
The best way to see these is to come to Woburn or Harpenden Farmers' Markets, between March and June (see below), or contact us and come to Gravenhurst.

Hurdles are made to order. For larger orders, we may well need a long lead-in time.
Willow balls and other items are made specially for you.
Pea sticks and bean poles are generally ready from February through June. All can be collected from Gravenhurst, Harpenden or Woburn.
willow obelisk made from Wassledine willow
Red Poll Beef
We are small producers and kill a very limited number of animals each year. It's mostly sold very locally. If you would like to be notified of our next fresh beef date, please contact us or click on the sign up button (above). Currently we don't accept advance
orders until we have a date for an animal to be slaughtered.

We only deliver within Gravenhurst but welcome collection in person by prior arrangement.

Red Poll bull
You need to speak to Jane - she will have loads of ideas to talk over with you about how she could add some magic to your event.

Jane specialises in countryside and the environment.
We can get a price quite quickly for whatever you have in mind. Go to our storytelling page to find out more.

Wassledine storytelling

Wassledine at local markets

We can be found at
Woburn (third Sunday of the month) and Harpenden (fourth Sunday of the month) Farmers' Market, from March to June. They are both great markets; full of excellent local food as well as our willow and hazel products.
Wassledine at farmers' market

t.   01462 711815
m. 07794 013876
e.  info(at)wassledine.co.uk
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